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MOQ 15


Redesigned. Re-adored.

Version 5.2



Now you can show off both. Design emphasis on comfort, fit and performance.

monsterpolo made in the USA


womens water polo suit


Meticulously sewn by local artisans in our Downtown Los Angeles production facility.

All components used in the production of the suit/bather are made in the USA.


Chlorine resistant 7.94 mm on all openings. 

Double-needle clean finish overlock used throughout with reinforced tacking on all seams.

No. 3-102WWP

Ducko water polo suits



Zip back closure. High-strength black poly/nylon zip-smooth operation zipper.


Double-lined, lightweight, quick-dry, ballistic strength, fade-resistant performance PBT/poly with more stretch for comfort.

Justine B.  Los Angeles CA

"Our old suits from another company stretched out in the first month of the season, but not MONSTERPOLO, their suits are still solid a year later. Thanks for great suits."

"One of my favorite high school memories was helping design our team's suit. A highly coveted tradition and every year seniors did their best to "one up" the design. Fortunately we used Monsterpolo for our design. They came up with this awesome design that included a cougar, our school's name, and scratch marks all over the suit. The detail and quality of the suit was unmatched to anything we had previously purchased and also looked far better than any other suits we saw that season.  To this day, it is still my favorite suit from all my years of playing water polo because of its custom design and durability. Well, that and the many memories and friends I made while wearing it. Just like the one displayed on Monsterpolo's website, which was taken during our program's first ever CIF Championship!"

Kelsie H.  San Diego CA

"You guys are awesome for how quickly you got us our suits. Every exciting!"

Vanessa F.  Oceanside CA

Which one fits?

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